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Similar to the phrase 'up the creek without a paddle'; it is used to describe a terrible situation which there is no way to resolve. 'Horder' is a known bummer, so to be round his house without an arse-guard suggest an anal-rape is likely for the guardless individual.
I acidentally flushed my friends english coursework down the the toliet the day before he had to hand it in. If he finds out I'm round Horder's without an arse-guard.
by Rimbor April 20, 2005
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Derived from Watergate, the scandal involving Richard Nixon and the Republicans, but infinitely more stupid and embarrising for those involved.
My friend taking his off clothes, painting himself blue, climbing up a tree then demanding to be 'rescued' by the fire brigade can certainly be considered the Hordergate of his life.
by Rimbor April 19, 2005
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- Something or someone who defines awfulness.

- A moronic action, which labels the perpetrator as a Granof.
- What do you mean 'learn a language', you stupid Granof? I did French for GCSE!

- Dyeing your hair ginger is an utter Granof, and only done by complete clowns.
by Rimbor April 19, 2005
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