A great lyrical underground rapper that more people need to notice. Often Compared to Eminem. He is also known for wearing the sickest contacts ever.
Man That Guy Can Rap, He sound like Eminem. Hes definately a Hopsin.
by Nom De Plumeee April 15, 2011
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The best partly-underground rapper ever. He raps about real things, what's on his mind, his past, and the things we all know about but don't have the balls to say. He raps about the things that are fucked up about society.
"Hey man, you should really check out the song Nocturnal Rainbows, it's dope!"

"Yeah man its by Hopsin, he's the best!"
by Awsamb May 12, 2013
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Really talented underground rapper that is slowly but surely making his way into mainstream rap. Raps about life, whatever he feels like. Doesn't rap about drugs, bitches, etc. Usually compared to Eminem. Keep up the work Hop if you are reading this.
Dude 1: What are you listening to?

Dude 2: Hopsin.

Dude 1: Hopsin!?!?! I heard he is good.

Dude 2: He is homez.
by SweetTeaIsGood November 21, 2013
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A great rapper that doesn't rap about bitches, drugs, or money. Also, his contacts make him the black Marilyn Manson.
Guy 1: Hey man, who are you listening to?
Guy 2: Hopsin, he's a great underground rapper that doesn't talk shit.
Guy 1: He also looks like the black Marilyn Manson.
Guy 2: True.
by SexualOnion July 18, 2013
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A damn lyricist that writes only heat. He started out around 2009 on YouTube. He has been blowing up from there. He made a music series called Ill mind of Hopsin that was really good and he also got on Logan pauls podcast.
Frank: yo, you hear Hopsins new album?
John: Yeah man, it was fire!
by SirrTheRiceGod March 05, 2021
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A series made by the (extremely) talented underground rapper, Hopsin - He raps about what's in his "Ill Mind" his thoughts on the state of rap currently, etc.

For example in Ill Mind of Hopsin 5 he raps about how rappers have been brainwashing kids into dropping out of school and ruining their lives after all they rap about is money and bitches.
He releases new episodes of this series every once in a while, at the moment the latest one is "Ill mind of Hopsin 8".
Guy 1: Dude, have you heard the new Ill mind of Hopsin episode?
Guy 2: Dude yeah, that's the shit, he speaks mad truth.
Guy 1: Hell yeah, dude.
by Blitzquick March 29, 2017
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Slapping Somebody with a hand full of godly Jizz, fresh from a sweet jerk off from watching Your Favorite Kink style porn category, made famous by the “Indie ValedictorianHopsin.
Hopsin is my favorite rapper! I love to hopsin Slap my teachers, my sister does too”
by Salli7271 January 27, 2020
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