A hoot is a reminder to be happy and/or something to tag along with the phrase "Positive vibes"
"How many hoots does it take for a hoot to hoot?" 13
by 13hoots June 19, 2017
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The inhaling of marijuana smoke.

can be used when spreaking of using a joint, bong, pipe, bubbler, blunt or spliff.

means the same thing as all of the following "hit, toke, puff, chop"
"damm, that was one fat hoot!"

"come on man, can't I just have one hoot?"

"last night Bob cleard my three foot bong in just one hoot!"
by BudWard February 7, 2010
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something that is cool or awsome
That party last night was awfully hoot, I wish we taped it.
by Johnnydjr September 29, 2009
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The sound an owl makes, along with Hoo and other owl vocabulary.
Hoot can mean a wide variety of things, it usually depends on tone of voice.
Hoot is the most common owl word, and it's why learning owl is so hard. Just do go hooting at the wrong place, the wrong time, and at the wrong bird, or else you may end up in the wrong nest.
Owl: Hoot!
Human: hoot?
by Blixy Blix October 11, 2020
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lame, not chill, not good.

origin: da bay area
"how dank is that weed?"
-"It's hella hoot"
by onefadednative June 11, 2014
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