He is such a honka. That's the third drink he's spilled in the last hour.
by TrojanROC June 17, 2013
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A tribal word for female genetalia. Used famously by the all female Lubby Dubby tribe in the 'Carry-On' movie - Carry on Up the Jungle, as an ode to their king and leader Tonka.
A chorus of female beauties: "Tonka Tonka, sick it up your Honka (tribal horn sound)"
by MacDiddy March 1, 2010
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To grasp a woman's breasts with both hands and squeeze tightly with bursts of energy
Those are great! I'd honka honka you
by BigFudge-93 August 20, 2015
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verb; The act of squeezing your girlfriends breasts twice and saying "honka honka"
Guy 1: Bro did you give your girlfriend the "Honka Honka."
Guy 2: Totally bro, them shits are massive how could I resist?
by letssetthingsstraight July 8, 2021
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A word used to decribe a white person who wants to be black derived from the word honkey. AKA wigger.
Black guy: "What up my honka?"
White guy: "Shit Nigga i cant call it!"
Black guy: " Dude, Thats not cool only black people and puerto ricans can say nigga, and thats only if they act black (gansta).Its cool though lets go play chess and listen to rap."
White guy: "True Dat Negro!"
Black guy: "sheeeeeeeeet!!!"
by Jfrizzo April 7, 2006
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Native for "monsters" or HONKA for "monster"...
"There's honkas in the basement...!!! I hear them whispering our names...."

"The honka grabbed my exposed, unblaketed foot, yanked me off the bed, and drug me under into whenever ending dark abyss!!!"
by BeautifulAsFire February 10, 2021
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A honka donk is a white girl with a real deal, ride all night, extra large booty.
Man, Betty Sue is so freakin' beautiful!
Yeah dude, she is for sure one bodacious Honka Donk!!!
by fuzdog August 20, 2010
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