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The Hong Kong Police is a retarded government organisation who's head is the great retarded Carrie Lam, which, in fact, is the puppet of the CCP.
The Hong Kong Police beats and shoots at people, they are so retarded that they have the 'People's Armed Police', which are retarded as well, with them, and as always, Chinese are entitled as fuck, they think they're the best, and deserve everything, and it's spreading to the Police as well, the police take's stuff (steal), and only will someone pay back if it is being recorded
A: Dude, look out, there are PoPos out there.
B: What's a PoPo?
A: Hong Kong Police Dumbass
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by SkyHawkGuy June 07, 2020
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The lartgest group of thugs in Hong Kong
Low IQ, low EQ, low education level, low moral standard, low sense of obeying the laws, low respect to human rights, this is Hong Kong Police.
by FuckHKCops May 01, 2020
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One of the worst police force in the world, a.k.a. blackened cops. They brutally beat citizens with modified truncheons, shoot them with rubber bullets directly in the eyes, bind them up and torture them in a chamber, fire infinite rounds of expired tear gas in confined space, collude with gangsters to wage terrorist attacks. They often disguise themselves to act as agents provocateur, or commit perjury in order to charge innocent people. They cut the emergency hotline at will, or close the shop when they don't feel like it. They tell lies without limit, their morals non-exist. They have both very low IQ and EQ, yet receive high salary by sucking the cock of the CCP. They are nothing but a heap of dog shit.
guy 1: "Hong Kong Police!"
everyone: "Know the law but break it!!"
guy 1: "blackened cops!"
everyone: "SHAME!!"
by proud of being a Hongkonger August 21, 2019
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The police force of Hong Kong. They are, by the loosest definition, a civil service. Among many things, they are known for:

- Using live rounds on peaceful demonstrators
- Beating innocent civilians with batons and rubber bullets
- Enforcing the unjust laws of Carrie Lam with excessive force
- Using bribes to protect actual criminals
- Rape

They have violated international laws almost every day, and, in my honest opinion, each member is not entitled to their job, or life for that matter.
Fuck Carrie Lam and the Hong Kong Police. They both deserve punishment beyond their worst dreams.
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by TheBagelPeople September 07, 2020
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