Using a beautiful seductive woman to solicit, obtain and get information for a government.

When a man thinks he just picked up the girl of his dreams, only to find out the next day he was set up like bowling pins to extract information.

When something is too good to be true.
The government official picked her up at a bar and was surprised that she agreed to come back to his hotel room so easily.

In the morning she had vanished along with important government documents and a mobile phone was missing.

The whole evening was characterized by spy intelligence as a honeytrap.
by StormyNight777 July 21, 2008
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Big titted woman, tiny behind, and is a paid whore. But pretends not to be.
A honeytrap is either a woman with big tits, who has the clap, or hiv and is eager to share with you. Or a man.
by Iam not Elmer Fudd December 24, 2019
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A government which promises poor people the money of the rich if the help them in a bloody coupe, after which the peasants find themselves under the heel of a totalitarian regime and are unable to do anything about it.
USSR, China, Cuba, ceausescu etc
by waffle November 26, 2003
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The Athenian Honeytrap is a Greek twist on the honeypot. You cover your dick in honey and then let it out in an obvious spot under the sunlight, waiting for unsuspecting victims to bite.
"Hey man, look, Petros totally caught a six-year old with the old Athenian Honeytrap"
by ELAREMALAKA June 28, 2022
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