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When a person is getting took. Somebody finding your ass out, figuring out what you like, telling you what you want to hear, to get what they want out of you. Honeydicking is refers to when a male does this act. Honeypotting refers to when a female does this act.
The movie "The Interview" is straight up honeydicking people by getting everyone to watch their movie by telling us we wouldn't see it due to terrorist/hacker threats.
by KimBongIllest December 25, 2014
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Deliberately appealing to the emotional, less rational aspects of a persons nature in order to seduce them into advancing their own personal agenda.
Guy 1: Dude, that chic you met Friday night. She was a cop.
Guy 2: Whaaaat?! No she wasn't. That girl was perfect, we bonded on so many levels. She liked the same things I like, we listen to the same music, and she really got me and understood me as a person.
Guy 1: Yeah she was. She was Honeydicking you so that you could sell her that cocaine and now she's taking you ass to jail.
by Outlawdeebster December 25, 2014
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A term for a male honeypotting another man. Honeydicking is when the CIA uses an attractive man to get unwitting people to do things they normally wouldn't do.
"You're honeypotting us and he's in here to honeydicking us in case one of us is gay!"
by Kgor93 December 25, 2014
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