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The ability to tell if a girl, or guy is a complete nasty freaky so slutty you're ashamed you slept with them afterwards just by interacting with them in a a normal way. Similar to Gaydar but way cooler, as it can benifit one greatly if you are into skanky folks. I coined this term in 98.
Alex: I dont know if Sasha will sleep with me.

Johnny: Dude what, that's the least she'll do. That chick is a complete cum dumpster!

Alex: How do you know that??

Johnny: I dont know man, I just have great Honar man.
by Mattyg505 April 02, 2011
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The ability to tell how hot a girl simply by talking to her on the phone.
Teresa had a nice-sounding voice, but Todd's honar was telling him the bitch weighed a deuce-and-a-half.
by Anonymous August 29, 2003
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