Someone's ability to sense if someone is gay or not when it's not obvious.
Q) What is your gaydar telling you about that waiter.
A) It's pinging loudly hey.
by Galawh May 27, 2019
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The gift of being able to sense the homosexual vibe.

Extended form : Gay Radar
He's flaming!--Told you there's no stealthing my Gaydar!
by ~SS August 7, 2005
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Gaydar is the ''sixth sense'' that any gay man or lesbian woman has built into their genes that allows them to detect anyone within their immediate area who is also a ''member of the family''. Gaydar is NOT based on whether a gay man is flamboyant or whether a lesbian is masculine. Gaydar is activated and does detect other gays whether they are openly gay or not.
Maria: ''Angelo, I need you to tell me whether or not my new male friend is gay, because these days, one can never really tell.''

Angelo:"Maria, my gaydar has not gone off, so no, he's not gay. Trust me."

Maria:"Thanks Angelo. I knew that you'd tell me if my new crush really liked men more than he wanted to let on."

Angelo:"No biggie. What good is having gaydar if I can't use it to help my best girlfriend?"
by IkeishiiDai November 16, 2009
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A person's ability to tell if a person is gay/homosexual/flamer etc.
Bob - "Man, I swear that guy's gay."

Jose - "He's gay, my gaydar is really good, and your friend steve is also gay."
by b W i t September 3, 2005
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A person's ability to sense the homosexuality in another.
"Seriously. My gaydar goes off when he's near."
by chineeeeeeeeese April 27, 2009
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A persons ability to ACCURATELY tell if people around them are actually homosexual. Without asking the suspect or anyone who knows them directly or indirectly.
Person of "happier" inclination walks into a bar in a backwater, where incest is the norm but gays are burned at the post and manages to get laid with a local of the same sex from said bar would be said to have good gaydar and some pretty good moves!
by speculation November 17, 2009
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The ability/skill to detect homosexual tendencies or traits in regular, heterosexual looking people.
Ex. 1
*John walks out of the restroom*
Dave : Hey John, where have you been?
John : Oh, I was in the restroom getting fucked in the ass by Mike.
Dave : What!? You're gay!? Man, my gaydar must be broken.

Ex. 2

Joe : God, I TOTALLY wanna bang that girl
Tony :'
Shaun : Man, Tony, you're setting off my gaydar. You probably love big fat cocks.
Tony : Damn it, Shaun, your gaydar is too good. Now unzip your pants and let me suck you dry!

Ex. 3

Darl : Fuck, my back hurts.
Joe : Do you want me to give you a back massage?
Darl : you hear that? That's my gaydar going off. And all signs of 'gay' are pointing towards you.
Joe : Fuck you, man. I just wanted to give you a nice back massage...that's all...then maybe afterwards I can stick my dick up your ass
Darl : Well, that's my cue to uhh...yeah, I'll see you when you...uhh...turn straight.
by Dipset11388 October 4, 2008
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