A group of your friends that happen to be gay.
I'm pre-gaming at Bob's house with some of my work friends, and later I'm going out to the bar with the homo homies.
by grizzlybear87 February 24, 2009

a person who happens to be homosexual and also a really cool dude that you can hang with for more than one hour.
Clark is a real homo homie; we hunt out for at least seven hours, yesterday.
by Lesbian Hoe May 8, 2016
Worse then ur mom gay, ur dad lesbian and ur granny tranny together. If you say this, the person yuo sayd it to will get a homo homie.
Greg: ur mom gay ur dad lesbian ur granny tranny

Karl: Ur homie homo

Greg: faints

*greg becomes sid from stone age and accidentally kills himself with a tactical shotgun*
by Homie thye homo March 15, 2018
An response to ur mom gay and ur dad lesbian. Not as powerful as ur granny tranny but still damaging.
by Mister Bunny March 20, 2018
The greatest insult of all multiverses. 1000x stronger than ur mom gay, ur dad lesbian and ur granny tranny.
John: Lol ur mom gay

Sam: ur dad lesbian
John: ur granny tranny
Sam: ur homie homo

John melts into particles of dust and falls to the core of the earth while entering hell and suffering from the pain
by random_dude_on_urbandictionary September 13, 2018
Two or more gay friends who have overtime right to kiss, have sex with, and/or enjoy the company of each other.
Ayo. We’re Homo-Homies, man. Come here and let’s hang out.”
by Tha Double AP July 20, 2022