(pronounced Ho em gee)
an adaptation of the keyboard shortcut, omg, usually spoken...and the H emphasized with a gutterol .
"Homg, guys! I just found a 50 dollar bill!"
by K. Fish November 02, 2005
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Short for Hoh My God.

A common phrase used in Sydney as an exclamation of extreme sexual jubilation. Often used by those labelled a Cock Mosquito whilst ejaculating, the phrase first became popular through Facebook blogger Jamie Zhu, with his "HOMG" prank at the 2018 Australian Open receiving nationwide broadcast and coverage.

Can be elongated through adding more "O"s to describe further states of arousal.
"HOMG" Jinuk screamed at the sight of a mattyan.
by CCM1111 September 04, 2018
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A new adaption of OMG with the emphasis on HO.
HOMG! Those girls are looking quite skanky in those short skirts.
by j2thabee September 28, 2010
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a variant of OMG as said by the particular species of students which inhabit the southern hole of NZ (dunedin). They are also known as health scis.
HOMG i totally got an A+++ in that test
by googlybear101 October 15, 2010
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A sterotypical word used by wog's and lebo's meaning Oh My God. The H pre-fix is added simply because they are wog's and lebo's. They can't help it, just their acsents.
Wog1: HOMG Habib is that pizza ready yet.

Wog2: HOMG give me break mart!

Lebo: HOMG bro you should harve seen dis chick who came in last night, biggest tits ever mart!
by AdiO4551 December 21, 2009
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