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(pronounced Ho em gee)
an adaptation of the keyboard shortcut, omg, usually spoken...and the H emphasized with a gutterol .
"Homg, guys! I just found a 50 dollar bill!"
by K. Fish November 02, 2005
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A new adaption of OMG with the emphasis on HO.
HOMG! Those girls are looking quite skanky in those short skirts.
by j2thabee September 28, 2010
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a variant of OMG as said by the particular species of students which inhabit the southern hole of NZ (dunedin). They are also known as health scis.
HOMG i totally got an A+++ in that test
by googlybear101 October 15, 2010
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the shortened version of 'oh my god' pronounced in a lebanese accent. often spelt hhcccooommmgg, with emphasis on the "h" sound when u say it.
often in reference to a fully sik car or hot chicks.
it is a term used in wonderment.
"h'omg bro. check out those neons"
"hhcccooommmgg my habibi!"
by harryham September 12, 2006
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A sterotypical word used by wog's and lebo's meaning Oh My God. The H pre-fix is added simply because they are wog's and lebo's. They can't help it, just their acsents.
Wog1: HOMG Habib is that pizza ready yet.

Wog2: HOMG give me break mart!

Lebo: HOMG bro you should harve seen dis chick who came in last night, biggest tits ever mart!
by AdiO4551 December 21, 2009
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