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A person who moves into a neighborhood at least seven years before the neighborhood becomes gentrified.

The Homesteader is very proud be a Homesteader.

The Homesteader enjoys regaling new residents with tales about all the homicides that took place where the Target now stands and the Starbucks that was previously a meth lab.

The Homesteader, if a homeowner, makes bank on selling. The Homesteader, if a renter, gets priced out within a year of the new fusion restaurant opening. Regardless, Homesteaders always find a new frontier to stake their claim.
Homesteader at one of the new brew pubs down the street, "When I moved here ten years ago no one had a smart phone. You had to agree to meet somewhere and show up. The only place you could get a beer was at a small dive bar. Cabs were too scared to come here. There were no bike lanes."
by Emmy Kay October 28, 2017
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