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Hurricane Andrew made landfall on August 24, 1992 in Homestead, FL as a Category 5. It is the third Category 5 hurricane to ever make landfall in the United States. The last recorded winds were measured at 167 mph with gusts of 212 mph in Homestead. It is the second costliest hurricane in US history, after bitch ass Hurricane Katrnia ran a train on the Gulf Coast and not just New Orleans. Hurricane Andrew is nicknamed "the big one" because of it's intensity.

The name Andrew is used to describe intense hurricanes by locals.
Hurricane Andrew was a real hurricane and does not compare to Katrina. Plus who the hell builds a city under water?!

If another Andrew comes I am getting the hell out of here. I am too old to be dodging flying glass and pushing walls up because the house feels like it's about to explode.
by Andrewcat5 September 25, 2011
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Hurricane Andrew struck Florida in August of 1992. It was the second most destructive hurricane in recent history (the only reason it's only second is because that bitch, Katrina, broke the levees and fuckin' flooded 3/4 of New Orleans).

Apparently, nobody gives a rat's ass about Hurricane Andrew anymore, seeing as there are 500 definitions for Hurricane Katrina, but this is the first for Andrew.
Fuck Katrina. Hurricane Andrew should still be considered the most destructive.
by HurricaneAndrew July 13, 2009
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