1. A slice of homey-ness

2.A friend/amigo. One who you are "tight" with
1. Murphy : Mildred, why did we throw out that old sofa?
Mildred : Because it was old dear...
Murphy : But it was a homeslice!

2. Wannabe G 1: YO YO! What up G-dog?
Wannabe G 2: Aww nuthin homeslice, jus chillin...
by 13Pheeble November 09, 2008
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"yo sapnin me Homeslice!"
"yo sapnin me lad"
"not much just about to go curb-stomp a rabbit"
by jcbJCB2000 December 12, 2017
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A very good friend of yours. A slice of your home, refereing to the old english times where they use to rent out parts of there homes for a chicken or something.
Hey Vinoth my Homeslice, whats hanging?

Give me a slice of your home homeslice.
by GangstaHomie June 07, 2006
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Someone who is an over the top dork. Someone who is trying way too hard to be cool and fails miserably.
Look at that guy in the polyester leisure suit trying to pick up on that super model. What a home slice.
by hititlong January 01, 2006
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