When "holy shit" just doesn't cut it!
Ron: "Did you know the world is ending in 2012?"

Harry: "Holy God!! I'm still a virgin!"
by rrpaul February 19, 2010
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one who's ass reeks of pure stench- worse than rotted oxen flesh sitting in arizona sun for several years. the ruler of ass funk often despised yet admired by his closest of drinking buddies
My boy big herm is the holy shit god himself. He often clears out entire house parties with his anal attacks.
by rocafella and herm September 24, 2006
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an exclamation of either extreme, irrational fear, or simply surprise. Similar to "Oh my God" or "Holy Crap"
Bob: There is a piano perched precariously above your head.
Linda: Holy my Godness!!! *ducks* *straightens* *glares*

Rolan: Will you marry me, my love?
Leria: Holy my Godness, yes!

Carmandie: What is that god-aweful noise?
Lio: I think it's Hannah Montanna.
Carmandie: Holy my Godness! My ears! My ears! They bleed!
by annoying_yet_adorable April 21, 2010
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A feel-good blasphemy!
1. God Holy Damn, we are dooomed!

2. God Holy Damn, my brothers, we did it! (positive)
by Dic. February 2, 2004
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When you witness a naked Vietnamese man in a shower with his niece biting off his pubic hairs.
Holy mother of god, I think those Tung Kee nips stole my daughter!
by ekoshyun June 30, 2003
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a fictional god made up by a bunch of angells
josh- the holy god bung ..
by yaehe1234567890---w May 30, 2011
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