HOLO is an acronym that means the hot old ladies of orthopedics. HOLOs are the veterans (the gen x-ers) of an orthopedic surgery team who like to work hard and play hard.
Robyn asked Kelly which of the HOLOs we’re going to the bar.

Mickie said she was already there ordering fireball while waiting on one more HOLO, Amanda.
by HOLO 2.0 September 2, 2021
A word that means hello made by youtuber Christine from simply nailogical . And it relates to the word holographic .
by Akhnaynayn 03 April 6, 2017
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Are you enjoying you’re Holo Hosting server?
by Sword4000 September 20, 2020
It's a free version off Habbo, where there is no pay for vip or credits or hc or diamonds. There are several types of holos with unique furnis as well as costumes and commands. Normally, people from these types of places are between 10 and 25 years old. There are different types or "species" of people, the noobs, the rare ones, those who live on this 24 hours a day because they have no social life outside the screen.
-Hey, do you know about this Habbo holo with unique furnis?
-Yeah but I prefer this one, it's more retro
by marthb January 23, 2018
A girl who hangs out at hobby lobby in Chattanooga, and will blow anyone with a nice car or a truck as well as go home with you for the night.
Damn dude she's leaving with a different guy ? It was someone different yesterday. She's a holo hoe.
by gotemm06 December 23, 2016
A playstation 3 modern warfare 2 trickshotter that uses binds and doesnt want anyone to know. But before he joins the game he always seems to get CFG and the binds menu.
Person: jade holo who is that?
Person 2: jade holo is a trickshotter that uses binds to be good.
by Edgycodplayer February 28, 2018
A coat containing holo particals, that's applied on top to finish and conserve a design.
A holo taco can contain holo glitter, making it a scattered holo taco or holo powder, making it a linear holo taco.
Commomnly used in regards to nailpolish as established by Simply Nailogical on Youtube
Related to: glossy taco, matt taco, and quick dry taco
I'm adding a scattered holo taco on my rainbow, so that my rainbow becomes a double rainbow.
by Deamonia July 15, 2017