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To get a beatdown from a woman
Anton comes in Bleeding, Black-eyed, and Bruised
Leroy: "What the fuck happened to you man?"
Anton: "I was cruising the bars and got Holmed by this tiny bitch, took the bouncer down with me."
Leroy: "Damn! I'll get the kit, and the painkillers."
Anton: "Yeah, get the Leafly Bud cause I hurt like a motherfucker"
by RaiRaijinn November 28, 2016
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A young girl who is led astray by an older wealthy man. Like Katie Holmes, who is now a joke and is pitied by the masses.
Poor Jackie, she used to have a career, than she got holmed by Bill. Now, she just spouts off regurgitated crap about silent births and vitamins.
by Mrs Fine December 03, 2005
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