A fan base who all share the love for the 2017 Spider-Man actor, Thomas Stanley Holland aka Tom Holland. Hollanders are very passionate about him and will bash anyone who tries to hate on him.
other person: ME TOO!!
by baby_girl123 September 17, 2017
Hollanders are the most supportive and loving fans in the world. It’s Thomas Stanley Holland’s fan base. They support tom in anything he does. And also Hollanders are HUGE MARVEL fans!
Tom Holland: I love my amazing fans!! #hollanders !!
by Marvelslovechild August 6, 2018
A Holland is a person who lives to their word. They will never turn their back on you. They will always treat you like family. A Holland can brave through any difficulty and solve any problem.
My boyfriend's family was a bunch of Hollands, and they were the most wonderful people I had ever met.
by Wisdom 1:6 April 20, 2019
Holland’s are very rare to find so if you find one don’t let her go.she is usually very sporty and have an amazing body. She is very caring and has a great personality. She has a voice of a angel and is really funny. She is extremely stunning and creative. They are usually amazing friends too have.
Person 1: omg Holland is sooooo sweet
Person 2: she’s stunning and so funny
Person 1: yeah I really just want to be her tbh
by Sarah Paterson June 28, 2019
Girls with this name are usually some of the baddest bitches you’ll meet. Their hella goofy and a blast to be around. If you have the opportunity to meet a holland then you better treat her like a queen. She’s a straight up thug and won’t mess around with bitches.
David: did you hear about the new girl holland?

Andrew: yah man! She’s a G.
by Downdawg1999__ May 25, 2019
Very few girls are given this name. But if you come across someone who is never forget her. She tends to be really funny and a blast to be around. Shes just a straight up G.
" Daaaaayyyyaaammm! have you guys met Holland she's so bomb!"
by roffflll1234556 February 26, 2010

Common misconception. Holland is what many people (including some native Dutch) call The Netherlands. Holland, however is a province of The Netherlands, where the capital Amsterdam happens to be.

We speak Dutch in The Netherlands, so in Holland too.

I don't live in Holland, I live in The Netherlands.
by Jafje May 6, 2007