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a place where you can do your homework and stuff, and your being watched everywhere you look by teachers.
by Amos Nusheg October 08, 2007
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n. A pointless class, usually at the end of the day, where they usually deploy some teacher-in-training, or one that is perilously close to giving birth to watch a homeroom of student.

Most of the time, this class is something akin to a Catholic man's version of Hell. It is complete Anarchy, with people drawing faces on sleeping people, throwing notes, talking, having loud fights to make them feel more secure about their masculinity, and pretty much any other legal (usually) action that is normally banned from other classes.
Girl: Where did you get all those marks on your face?
Friend: I fell asleep during study hall.
by Klopp May 08, 2007
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Where one goes to look up and make new words on
"Hey are you cutting study hall today?"
"Nah, I'm gonna go check out
by me(#2) June 03, 2005
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An extremely shitty place where you are detained by teachers and other authoritive figures.
"I always come prepared for study hall: giant rubber band, lots of ammo."
by Miller Time April 04, 2005
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A designated room for study, lasts from 45 minutes to an 1hr. Nothing to do except study.
by Saints September 21, 2003
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a pointless class ppl take instead of a blow off class a.k.a. naptime
friend a -i went to study hall 3rd hr
friend b-did u finish ur homework
friend a-no dumbass u sleep during study hall
by roondizzle November 15, 2005
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A living hell. Takes place in a cafiteria, so not only do you get the wonderful memories of the gum that you left under the table, you also get the remains of somone elses luch caked onto the table in front of you. The wardans take pleasure in seeing you skwirm at that sight of placing you next to that guy who hasn't showered in a week. They scream at you for throwing paper balls in a trash can, and tell you to do your homwork when they know that your flunking whatever class they teach. On the lucky days that you can escape into the library you get the sexy screetch of the harpy aka librarian who is "watching your every move on the computer" but is too dumb to even relise that your looking/ printing porn. What a load of shit.
Dude 1- so what are you going to do?

Dude 2- i dunno man. probably study hall?

Dude 1- Bad choice. Those people there scare the shit out of me...
by IM WATCHING YOU... July 10, 2008
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