Awkwardly creeping around coworkers, colleagues or other people in the work place.
"Dude, quit holgating! You're making everyone here very uncomfortable!"
by NavyBeans2387 August 25, 2016
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To be thrown under a bus by a spineless Chairman, reversed over, set up by a Communications Ministers and shafted by the Prime Minister of the day in an uncontrollable misogynistic rant, bullied and sacked over an insignificant expense claim all because you are far too capable and threaten their boys club existence.
Marjorie was absolutely Holgated when she lost her CEO job.
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A tiny school in Henry County were every guy is a farmer and every girl is a bitch. Some girls think they are thicc but they are all flat. They suck at football and any other sport. Also, live goes around the school 4-5 times every year.
"Look at how flat that that dough is!"
"It reminds me of the girls at Holgate!"
by schoolreviews February 9, 2018
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A good football (soccer) player who sometimes is a cunt.
Guy 1: Hey have you heard of the footballer Mason Holgate?
Guy 2: Yeah, he's pretty good ay.
Guy 1: Yeah but I heard he's a cunt.
by Brrrrrrap January 6, 2018
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another name for a piece of hot shit , these hotshots are often found lurking in a bedroom , predominantly near a xbox or ps3.
"Oh No there is a hotshot holgate on the xbox"

" ewwww it smells thats grose !"
by hunkyhunk124 December 9, 2009
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