A place where nobody will ever want to go,
And where practically the entire county knows everything about each other,
and where everyone bitches about wanting to leave,
yet never, ever, does.
"I'm So fucking sick of henry county, let's go downtown tonight"
by hcoisshit October 5, 2009
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A place in the middle of bumfuck nowhere, where sluts and meth heads roam free. Everybody knows everyone and half of the kids who can’t score fuck their goats instead
Henry county is the best. We can fuck our goats and then the whole team
by Pp boi February 13, 2019
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- a place where you see the same faces everyday.

- a place where there is nothing to do

- most popular mall is: WAL-MART and GOODWILL

- Rednecks,Blacks, Hispanics, some Asians, other race are random

-regardless of the population growth, everyone knows everyone

- a place where expensive things arent safe.

- crimes consist of drugs, robbery and shootings

-Education consisting of :drop outs and 30% of high schoolers going to college ( i am obviously the 70% that is not in college

- road kill on every other street

-rare home for celebrities and movies

- mostly lower class and middle class but the occasional upper class.

-Teens are either overweight, too skinny or in shape

- regardless of curfew, kids stay out egging houses and being annoying

- the distance to travel to other counties is great

- it is easy to stay connected to fellow classmates and co-workers

- at night depending on where you stay, it is silent.

-Music and dancing is a big thing here.

-Everyone either wants to be a rapper or actor but you have a hand full that have real dreams

-Dirt Bikes, Four wheeler can be a problem to property

-Houses are either, foreclosed or for rent.

- due to house marketing, you can buy a house for cheap

2 stories can go for 30,000

-neighborhood watches
still finding what is so special about henry county
by Apparently I live there June 26, 2011
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