Sarah Went And Hole Punched me while i was with danny
by CJcrunkomafawkolicious September 4, 2011
Verb - the act of accidentally pushing your finger through toilet paper while wiping your ass and shooting it up your own rectum.
While aggressively trying to clean up the remnants of a vicious corn chowder dump, I accidentally hole punched my finger through the toilet paper and jammed it up my own ass.
by Cooches Inc. June 23, 2020
While fingering a female one makes a fist and slams it into the pussy.
Person 1: Hey bro why is she walking like that?
Person 2: u didn’t hear?
Person 1: no what happened?
Person 2: she was getting fingered all of a sudden bam she got “the hole punch”. Shit came outta nowhere.
Person 2: she has been walking like that for 2 weeks!
by Stickyicky42 January 12, 2021
V. To punch somebody in the rectum.
N. The action of punching somebody in the rectum.
Dude, he's pissin' me off. When he bends over go hole punch him.
by Hizzo April 11, 2003
The sexual act in which two individuals rub their butt holes together in a rhythmic fashion . See also: Butt scissoring.
I would like to hole punch my partner later today.

Zach and Joe engaged in an epic round of holepunching.
by runswithscissor August 7, 2019
In computing, UDP hole punching refers to a commonly used NAT traversal technique.
We were hole punching all day long!
by Bölima November 3, 2007
The act of two men ramming their assholes together.
I caught Kevin and Larry hole punching each other at Jamie's party last night.
by Hobby-less December 27, 2016