A person whom assumes that they are above you in any way without cause or reason. This person normally has to find flaws in others to make them feel better. They really enjoy labels are always made up.
Jennifer just bout a D&G bag - She acts a little too hoity toity for me.....
by Star Burger September 12, 2009
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An (un)deserved impression of superiority from one person to another.
An adjective for a haughty or supercilious place or person.
"Why don't we go to McDonald's?"
"I thought we were going somewhere hoity-toity!"
by Shea M. June 4, 2008
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Something that is very... very... fancy-shmancy. That is totally using the word to define itself but ssh. Umm anyway it is also having to do with something like, ":O WELL!! I see I'm not good enough for this." hoity-toity attitude that is had by people in beverly hills.
You want to eat this plateful of caviar and then vomit on your mom, hoity-toity boy?? Huh? HUUUHH?!?!?!
by the dark adonis July 14, 2004
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A hoity toity bitch thinks her poo don't stink. She will rip your heart out and eat you alive if you let her. But she really ain't going to do nothing. She thinks everyone should wait on her hand and foot. Don't do it. You will just feed her need to be an extra hoity toity bitch.
That girl is such a hoity toity bitch, always needing something.
by Nicki Courn March 11, 2018
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