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A person who asks you to play callofduty via direct message in a relentless fashion, never ceasing regardless of wether they are replied to or ignored. These people many times also can be a "creddy" and/or credit sponsor
"Winivity is a fatass hogrider who lives in the desert, he fuckin sucks."

"This hogrider winivity keeps riding my dick but I will never play with him"

"Winivity is a hogrider only time I ever play with him is if he creddies me"
by Winivity is a fatass September 02, 2017
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A sex pose where the man is in the bridge position will the girl pulls his hair and rides him whilst screaming hog rider waving around a hammer
Man: baby let us hog rider
Women: get ready

Man: yes!!!
Women: HOG RIDER!!!!!
by Dickmunch3r May 08, 2018
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"Hog rider" a man or woman who used to fuck with fat people.
Margaret: last night i slept with that fat guy.

Margaret's mother: you such a "hog rider"
by The Gary May 11, 2019
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