The act of being emo, a pussy, or all around self-pity.
"Dude, this tattoo stings like a mofo"
"Quit being such a Hobart, suck it up"
by xxcHARMingxx June 26, 2009
the nice way to call a friend a ho. usually adds humor to the insult. great for kids who dont like to swear yet
omg tania, dont be such a hobart!
by hottag December 26, 2007
A euphemism for clitoris, based on its location within Tasmania and the overall shape of Tasmania.
Her pants were so low I could see clear to Hobart.
by elusiveOwl June 11, 2018
The capital city of a exotic island with barely any people. Know one knows much about Hobart, except everyone has scars on their necks from the amputation of their second head.
Friend-“I went to Hobart last weekend
You- “wtf is Hobart”
by Mystery mocca February 26, 2019
one who participates in deviant sexual behavior.
Oh my gosh Elaine, I had no idea you were such a hobart!
by Janet01923 March 4, 2009