When a girl gets boned so hard she goes hoarse(cant talk)
Me and monica hooked up last night, and i was hoarsing her and now she cant talk.
by lilharp February 6, 2010
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When someone in a group loses track of the topic and continues to create different topics.
Who brought the new booty along!?.. He's making no sense, his mind running hoarses.
by Leserge April 23, 2019
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When you give head so hard your voice is hoarse the next day.
Tiffany sounds sick today. I hope she’s alright!”
“It’s Hoarse Tradition, she’ll be fine”
by imaspork003 November 26, 2020
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A girl with a sore throat from sucking too much horse cock.
Often confused for a horse girl, but instead the only relation to them is the size of the organs that they shove into their oral cavities.
P1: Holy cow! Did you hear that hoarse girl?

P2: No, but I bet her boyfriend has a horse cock.

P1: No kidding, I wish I had a dick that large.
by It's3:30andICan'tSleep September 10, 2019
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