When you’re just too Dahm high to thing straight and you want another “go at the bong” so you try to “suck up” all those sagalicous fumes! But you accidentally hit the bong! So you do that “bust down Tatiana dance” while singing hit-hit-hit-hitting that BONG!
6ix9ine: mmmm yummmmmay!
His friends: u wan another go at the bong?
6ix9ine: ye boii, oops I just HITTING THE BONG, ya know wuh dat means!
by Ruby loscerman April 22, 2019
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When the lower class have problems they, they turn to drugs to encourage their denial.
L: So Tom when are you gonna pay your rent?

T: Yo dawg I aint got time, I'm so busy hitting the bong on the daily that I haven't even found time to wipe my filthy asshole, let alone pay the rent.

L: damn, u a nasty bitch.
by Akjohnny February 19, 2009
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