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Hip Hop group lead by rapper B-Real, music related to weed, smoking weed , rolling weed, smoking weed thru bongs, about people buying weed, selling weed and growing weed.
"lets have this owl on cypress hill"
"i can hear hits from the bong" "yea its cypress hill, shall i ring glen?"
"yea quart plz"
by Wu April 06, 2003
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the best motherfuckin band EVER!!!
first group to bring out a rap/gangsta rap/rock mix with feeling and plzce it through the mic...
B-Real, Muggs, Sen-Dog, bobo
"boom biddy bye bye...line up on tha floor now ur all gonna die...!"
by 50 February 16, 2004
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Old Skool Trip/hop made under the influence and to be listened too while high as a kite!!!!!

EEEXXXXTTRRREEEMMMEEE zone out music u really feel this shit when ur stoned! NO JOSHING
stoner 1 - "hey man im high as a kite!"
stoner 2 - "yeh me too lets stick sum Cypress hill on so we can mong to the shit while i roll this next doobie"
stoner 1 - " yeh im down dawg lemme get the disc... u want the spanish shit......"
by Heath_Lord May 31, 2006
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A West Coast band that was formed in 1991 outside of L.A. with the likes of B-Real (who also did a solo album), Sen Dog and DJ Muggs. They are a band that composes songs that are a variety of genres; mostly rock, rap and reggae. The majority of their songs try to promote weed, basically demanding it should be legalized. All in all, one of the greatest bands to ever form.

Hit songs include:
-Hits from the bong
-What's your Number?

B-Real and Sen Dog: Awww, comin through for real we Cypress Hill, awe baby got that crunk for your trunk, goin' gangsta crazy.

If you smoke weed, listen to Cypress Hill.
by Cypress Hill Fan September 07, 2006
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One of the best Rap groups, always talking about smoking weed, like a west coast group version of Redman, except they lasted longer, never went mainstream untill the rock garbage they do nowadays, aslo made one of the greatest diss tracks when beefin with Cube
"Im The Freaker"

"Put a pipe on ya cover even though ya dont smoke buddah!"

- Cypress Hill
by FunkFreaker420 October 23, 2005
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West Coast chiba, weed, stress smoking Bloods from South Gate LA. One of the best west coast rap groups to have ever landed on this planet!!!!!!
Lets go cypress hill on Ice Cube
by J Rock1000 August 30, 2005
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