Your friend, gang member, family that kill for you and catch people in traffic or street
Hitta, my ni**as drilling, my ni**as winning
Don't get hit up
My ni**as chilling, my killas itching
by Hittaz January 31, 2017
Hitter or "hitta" is the word used to replace the word "ni**a" in songs played on the radio.

I said that I’mma ride for my motherfuckin' niggas
Most likely I’mma die with my finger on the trigger
I’ve been grindin outside all day with my niggas
And I ain’t goin' in unless I’m with my niggas
My nigga, my nigga
My nigga, my nigga (My muthafucking niggas!)
My nigga, my nigga (My nigga, my nigga)
My nigga, my nigga

turns into...

I said that I'ma ride for my motherf*cking hittas,
Most likely I'ma die with my finger on the trigger
I been grinding outside, all day with my hittas
And I ain't going in, unless I'm with my hittas
My hittas, my hittas
My hittas, my hittas (my m******** hitta)
My hittas, my hittas
My hittas, my hittas
by wittlewascle May 6, 2014
Young British criminals, mentally challenged with low IQ and from peasant backgrounds.

Born a “crack baby” to gutter scum drug dependant parents who survive off a conbination of benefit payments and shoplifting

Usually one or both parents will be absent due to serving time in jail for repeat low level theft crimes.

This can mean many “Hittas” live with there gran

Growing up like Oliver Twist they often wrongly consider themselves master mind criminals which is displayed by claiming they are a “Hitta

Becoming a “hitta” is the transition period before becoming a “wasteman” and they will usually follow in the footsteps of the parents.

Eventually the wasteman will also breed spawning new “hittas” and so the circle continues
Little Steve” - Yo you see my man robs bare Pizza Hut Scooter

Man like Dave” yh fam, mans a hitta alwayz put dat work in yanu
by Large Dave December 5, 2018
Have y’all heard of Ryan Goodwin? I heard he’s a real hitta!
by SAFETY123 January 17, 2018
Gang members, especially those who commit murder, commonly used in London and Chicago, especially drill music.
My hittas gon come for that neek opp that stepped on the block.
by £RJTzz April 27, 2020
A man whos down to handle business in any fashion or form 100% of the time.
That hitta D mac from back in the day was a savage, remember him. That hitta from nor cal?
by BIG D SAV September 26, 2009
gang of bitch ass niggas from chi town that think they run shit in Ottawa, Illinois
No, not "Hitta crazy". "Hitta killa"
by Goon Chief January 6, 2008