A famous hijack of a Mountain Dew contest called "Dub The Dew" (in promotion of Mountain Dew's newest apple flavored beverage) pulled off by the website 4chan. It, along with "Gushing Granny", "Moist Nugget", "Fapple", "Diabetus" and others made it as the finalists of the contest.
A: I'd like to order a bottle of Hitler Did Nothing Wrong
B: Sorry, there's none left in stock. We're all sold out.
by McDaddy's Big Patties April 11, 2017
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Hitler did nothing wrong, he just saved germany at all cost.
also Hitler loved Pandas, Who doesn't love Pandas?!
i just think hitler did nothing wrong.
ikr pandas are cool
by PandaIsCool March 17, 2016
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John: what did you get on the test
Jake: 100
Bill: thats a cap
Jake:hitler did nothing wrong
by RYAN YO DADDY November 10, 2019
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Ok i got one! Hitler did nothing wrong
Dude thats smart you could become a spokesperson!
by SushiTrash July 7, 2018
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