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Hiranya (Sanskrit) Golden, hence any vessel or ornament made of gold; also substance, imperishable matter.

In Asian countries like India and Sri Lanka Hiranya is used as a name.
Her name is Hiranya.
by secretsnowflakes March 12, 2009
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The one-

- who is your Bestfriend
- who is an amazing lover
- who would make the best wife

- who is kind

- who will love you forever
who you should keep and love forever
Ned: Hiranya is my bestfriend, she is so kind and amazing, i spend all my time with her...

Rhi: Just ask her to be your girlfriend,

Ned: come to think about it, she is perfect
by PHOmnon January 17, 2013
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A Hiranya is a lovely person. She craves to meet and make friends with new people, so she enjoys being at parties and other social events; Hiranya's are generally known for their kindness and openness. Although very stubborn, hiranya's do make good partners as they are loyal, and very good at sex.

Hiranya originally means gold, this can be seen in her quality as a person.

She is the sort of person who can laugh off an insult.

In looks, a hiranya is normally very sexy and pretty although she doesnt always think it.

You would be lucky to have a hiranya as a girlfriend, she is often referred to as "the one that got away" as males often don't ask her out or hold on to her, then realize the mistake they have made by letting her get away.
Dom: who's that over there? she's beautiful

Max: I dunno... but thats one hiranya!


Ben: whats up dude

James: I think hiranya was...
ben: the one that got away?
by LooLooMoFo November 25, 2012
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The one with the golden heart, she has the biggest capacity on earth to love.
Jamie: I've done her so much wrong, and yet she still loves me

Neddy: well that's hiranya for you, she'll love you till the end of time, treat her well
Jamie: I know that now, i never want to lose her
by Apple pie's lovely January 17, 2013
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