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Having a hippobottomus means to showcase a rather excessive amount of flesh in the buttocks area of the body. It is an exceedingly insulting comment to declare one's buttocks a hippobottomus. It is commonly used in the clothing department of speech, as a sales assisstant may need to advertise clothing in the hippobottomus size, which is pants with 100x XL size. A hippobottomus is generally about 10000cm wide, and needs extra-stretchy clothes. Hippobottomus sizes of clothing might only be available from orders from online websites devoted to hippobottomus sizes of clothing. It is a major exaggeration to name one's buttocks a hippobottomus, but also is an extreme insult.
I am sorry, Ma'am, but we do not have these pants in the hippobottomus size.
by Cantaloupes4Ever June 10, 2017
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A woman with a normal-sized body with an INSANELY large ass.
"I was chatting up this chick at a booth, and all of a sudden as we get up to dance, I could see she was a full-blown hippobottomus!"
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A woman with an enormous, hippo sized Bum.
Chad - Jeezus, look at the Butt on Tanya...
Cooper - Yeah she's a real Hippobottomus!
by BennyKoops June 29, 2016
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