i dont know why the other definitions are SO wrong. the word Hink derives from the word Hinky (meaning suspicious, scandalous, shady, most of the time illegal activity or actions)
Hink is a word used to describe suspicious and illegal materials. often relating to identity theft and counterfeit material, such as credit card numbers and personal information. fake IDs and checks. things like that. Hink can also mean drugs and the having, using or selling of drugs, or drugs and other weapons. basically everything that can help you to commit a crime or has illegal intentions as the reason for having it. it was mainly used and spread starting in orange county and riverside areas by drugs users in the 80's and by members of the gang Pen1 (or Peni). however it has come into much wider use since than and it not solely gang affiliated. although if you trace back far enough to who you know that uses the word hink, you will most likely come back to someone being in contact with a PEN1 member or drug dealer formt he 80's and 90's
"hey man, wheres mikes car?"

"idk, but we have to clear all the hink out of it before the cops come looking"
by Kayleen L&T September 23, 2009
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Verb describing the act of raising one's eye-brows in a provocative manner, suggesting the initiation of a sexual act
"Dude are you hinking me or do you just have tourettes?'"

"You can stop hinking at me, I know what you're talkin' about! Let's go upstairs"

"Did that guy just hink as he said that?!"
by hinking August 20, 2009
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1. The act of getting yourself or a friend high and drunk at the same time.
Red: "What'd you guys do over the weekend?"

Goohaha: "Well me and some friends wanted to get hink so we went over to Steve's house and just hung out"
by OmegaRedRGX April 13, 2009
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1. (n.) A senseless action taken soley to fulfill an unexplainable impulse.

2. (v.) The committing of a hink.
Jaques: I just bought 175 purple porcelain racoons.
Michel: Damn man that's was a hink and a half.

Carmen: Rolling around in a sandbox full of razorblades and then soaking in a bathtub full of rubbing alcohol was not a good idea.
Jorge: Yeah you really hinked there.
by Bizzle fo Shizzle June 08, 2005
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Its a new word that is still catching on. Its a way of misspelling the word think. Its a very common word in biology class. Pretty much its like the word fetch, neither make sense, but instead of being like the word fetch and not going far, the word hink is used quite a bit.
"I hink you are very wrong." "I hink this word doesnt make any sense. I hate to hink about irt." "Thatcher, I hink this word makes absolutely no sense, but Im still probably gonna use it."
by Iamahinker August 20, 2019
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Comes from the western Norwegian saying "Hink Til Helvete", meaning 'Hop To Hell'. The word Hink is a verb and has several uses (much like the word "f*ck").
1. Q: What happened to him?
A: He got hinked. (killed, beaten up etc.)

2. Hink (said to somebody, can mean piss off) or (can be said if you don't want to discuss a peticular issue)

3. Q: Where did he go?
A: He hinked home. (went home)

The word can be used very freely and has many other meanings.
by C to tha Rizzo July 01, 2003
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