3 definitions by Bizzle fo Shizzle

1. (n.) A senseless action taken soley to fulfill an unexplainable impulse.

2. (v.) The committing of a hink.
Jaques: I just bought 175 purple porcelain racoons.
Michel: Damn man that's was a hink and a half.

Carmen: Rolling around in a sandbox full of razorblades and then soaking in a bathtub full of rubbing alcohol was not a good idea.
Jorge: Yeah you really hinked there.
by Bizzle fo Shizzle June 08, 2005
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adv. Providing help during the time of fucking.
Susan thanked John for being so helpfuk last night by shifting to give her better leverage.
by Bizzle fo Shizzle October 13, 2006
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According to television host Stephen Colbert, Alexander Hamilton's signature dunk during his youth on what would become the U. S. Virgin Islands. Colbert implies that Hamilton's execution of this dunk over Aaron Burr led to the famous duel which cost Hamilton his life.
The Wham Bam Slamalam Federalist Papers Signing Jam was
the most unstoppable move in the OTCBA (Original Thirteen Colonies Basketball Association)
by Bizzle fo Shizzle May 15, 2006
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