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To be a prick, a mod on a forum who changes posts for no reason, and has the motto of "yes... tis true i am gay"
"Omg stop being such an emdeb"
by RandomGuy November 27, 2004
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An asshole admin on pawg. He thinks he is better than everyone else but he is actualy gay. He now just gose by the name "shadow".
Prince Shadow has no life. He needs a kick to the fanny!
by RandomGuy March 29, 2005
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see chippydobber.veryweird.com
chippydobber!!!! hahahaha!!!
by RandomGuy August 25, 2003
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In hentai, it is a girl that has a vagina AND a penis. She can also have testicles but not always. Just because the girl has a penis DOSE NOT mean it is homosexual related.
by RandomGuy March 29, 2005
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Silver Koopa and Friends is a growing sprite comic website that was created on May 4, 2003. SK&F was originally created by Kaleb Bruce but is now ran by the brothers Paul and Brad Brackenbury. The comic features many recolored or edited sprites along with many original ones as well.

The plot of Silver Koopa & Friends takes place on Koopa Island and follows the story of a Chicken loving Koopa named Silver Koopa and his many friends, such as SwordKirby and Orbit, as they foil the plots of the stupid evil robot named B-Z. B-Z wants to take over the world, along with carying out his revenge on Silver Koopa & Friends for killing his beloved master, Dr. Slim. There is also a darker mysterious plot in Orbit's past that may soon start to unfold.
Silver Koopa and Friends is a funny sprite comic.
by RandomGuy March 29, 2005
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A guy who likes Fat girls. Commonly fat anime girls. They can range anywhere from 300 lbs to 2,000 lbs or more!
Jonny is a devoted FA.
by RandomGuy March 29, 2005
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One of the best games in existance. Despite subpar graphics, this game, created by Dynamix and Sierra, is very easily modded (not to mention pirated), and at one point, was considered the BEST MMOFPS out there. Free online play. irc.tribes.net for some more info. Full name: Starsiege: TRIBES.
Those guys in tribes version 1.08 screamed "AURR!" in a squeaky nonhuman voice when they died... Hahahaha..."
by RandomGuy April 17, 2004
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