a term that defines a really dumb dumbass, that doesn't know how to serve, spike and receive.
by Fackyourchickenstrips May 14, 2020
Informal definition: A smol child made of purity, energy, stamina, and jump. He likes Tamagokake gohan, a bowl of rice with raw egg on topp, and meat buns. he is the precious child of Karasuno.

SUPER formal definition:
Hinata is a 16 year old boy and a First-Year student at Karasuno High School in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. He plays as #10 in the Volleyball Club, and aims to become the ace, just like "the Little Giant." There, he meets his rival in middle school, Kageyama Tobio, who he learns to cooperate with, through the match against Tsukishima and Yamaguchi. There, they develop the "freak quicks" which are quick sets that are so quick, that no one can react in time- at least, the first time they can't. Later, this quick set was used to make Hinata a decoy, to distract the other team's middle blockers while another hitter would hit straight into the other team's court. This play earns him the nickname, "the Ultimate Decoy." He plays middle blocker, despite his short stature of only 163 cm (roughly 5' 4").

By the way, Middle blocker is the player who repels, or "blocks", the opponents attacks, also known as spikes. Usually, this position is played by the tallest person on the team. In Karasuno's case, the regular middle blockers are Tsukishima (aka Tsukki), who is 190 cm (roughly 6' 3"), and Hinata, who, most of the time, only hits.

Due to his incredible power to jump and his stamina, if he gets a head start, he is able to block to about the same height as Tsukishima.
Hey did you hear about Karasuno's #10?
Yeah! I heard he does these freak quicks! I'm pretty sure his name was Hinata Shoyou!
by Oikawa Tooru November 22, 2016
The meaning of "Boke" is actually "come to my room tonight or I love you"
The word is created by Kegayama tobio Aka a man from "Haikyuu"
by ✨I love anime✨ October 4, 2020
A lovely ball of sunshine. A precious cinnamon roll. Carrot top. Baby crow. He's too pure for this world. Karasuno's shrimp.
"Who is that short little shit?"

"You mean number 10? That's Hinata Shoyou!"
by sugawowza April 4, 2016
Sugawara: “WOW! The weather is so nice today!”
Kenma: “That’s because Shouyou Hinata is with us.”
by kageyima March 18, 2020
The main character from Super Dangan Ronpa 2: Sayonara Accademy of Despair. Usually shipped as Komahina with Komaeda. He is more cynical than Makoto Naegi from Dangan Ronpa 1 . He also has a cameo in Dangan ronpa: Another Episode as his other self.


Has an alternative identity named Izuru Kamakura which plays a major role in chapter 6 & 0. This later influenced how the mastermind came back in SDR2.
Hajime Hinata Is usually carrying orange juice in chapter 1. It has now became a meme of some sorts.
by TheMan.com June 21, 2015