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Typical old norwegian name. Usually describes all the fun crazy girls.
by maccha March 09, 2010
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An norwegian expression coming from their well-known beer-drinking champion. A girl named Hilde, won the champion-shio four years in a row. (And NO, norway isn't that small, so it's stilla BIG deal). After this she almost won second place in drinking j├Ągermeister, but got disqualified in the end, because she was underage. (boooh)

But then she won second place in drinking shots of fisherman, but this lead to a blackout and she still has no idea who won first place.

Sadly, after these huge accomplishments and entering endless competitions, she had to retire, due to a damaged liver.
Wow, you're going to be the next Hilde!

Where were you when Hilde got disqualified?

He tried to do a Hilde, but instead he got his stomache pumped.

I'm so doing the Hilde Tonight.
by RealLifeHistorian October 25, 2010
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