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Not what theyr all worked up to be. All schools are extremely small and filled with drama and kids who think they are the shit but really are no better than kids at regular schools. actually they might be worse.

HTH-the school everyone thinks is the best
HTHMA-the one NOBODY thinks is the best
HTHI- the one that the freshmen took over and made the "stoner school"
HTMMA-probably the most layed back of all the schools, but the kids are just as bad as all the other schools in the village
HTM- has some of the snobbiest kids on the planet. it's like all the evil stuck up kids of the world got together and decided "hey, let's go to HTM!"
regular kid: hey, i got into High tech!

High tech schools kid: i'm so sorry
by ilyrawrrrgurly December 20, 2010
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