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Kinda close to Jersey City,Decent place to live,Rent is mad expensive though,middle class type of place but nothing wrong wit that cause Kayne West grew up in a middle class background,NB is filled with Hispanics and barely any white&black people ,and a Asian is rare.

Damn the rent in North Bergen is mad fucking high,speaking of high...imma roll this blunt!
by Chris Lamont February 20, 2009
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A city in the middle of nowhere Jersey known for it's relatively high population of homosexuals.
North Bergen native Cyril said "I'mma hit Wild Boyz on 77th and gay it up tonight! "
by hwh101 June 30, 2018
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is a township in Hudson County, New Jersey, United States. As of the United States 2000 Census, the township had a total population of 58,092.Cool town near new york city worth being there...but to many Hispanic reveal with west new york....Transportation sukz you take the bus on b-line aka sluts hang out well yur stuck there for an hour just to get through three blocks other then that it alright place home of the bruins
"hey, have you been to North bergen?" "yea, got jumped there the other day"
by jerzy November 19, 2007
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pretty boring town in hudson county
people mainly from cliffdide and wny go there just to chill at the 80th st. park also bk and dunkin donuts in 91st thast the best nb has to offer. nbhs is the only high school there and its full of wannabe Gs,emos,and preps.
she lives in north bergen
thats lame
by cakee June 19, 2008
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