Known as the "4 best years of your life", but is usually the worst years of your life. High school is often full of endless work, assholes, and extreme lack of sleep.
Dude I fucking hate high school. Why do my teachers always have to give me 5 tests a day at the end of a marking period?

Research suggests that the average amount of sleep high school students get per night is 5.451139 hours. Also, when surveyed, 73% of high school students confess to drinking large amounts of caffeinated drinks on a daily basis.
by qwertyyuoewiruwoqei September 11, 2009
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A place where the only cool people are the kids no one wants to be seen with, and where being seen with total dumb asses makes you popular.
Dumb ass 1: like, omigod, did you see who she was with? that kid like, reads.
Dumb as 2: OMIGOD EW?? omigod are you serious, like...like omigod.
Sane person: Jesus christ, I hate high school...
by roskanda September 24, 2007
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high school is one of the greatest things to compare to and make fun of, only because its so easy to target. there is no being "unique" because in some way everyone is copying someone else. you can't walk down the hall without a rumour spreading that you were checking out barbie's boyfriend ken. its usually easier for the guys, its always the girls fighting over them now a days. if a girl hooks up with some guys shes a slut but if a guy hooks up with some girls hes cool, look up to. a pimp? sure. people think its cool to get drunk at this point in their life. high school is the smallest portion of our life but to some people it matters the most. why is this?
high school is overrated.
by its the 5-0 August 20, 2006
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A place, usually an institution or run-down shack, that teaches young and aspiring pot smokers how to get high.
Such teachings include how to properly roll a joint, inhaling and exhaling practices, good quality versus bad quality pot, ideal places to smoke, and how to cover up evidence that someone has smoked pot. Usually, if one were to pass all classes and graduate, all graduates receive one free pound of cannibus as a going away gift.
"Hey, you wanna go to the beach with us tonight?"

"Naw, thanks dude. I got High School tomorrow. I need to stay home and practice rolling this joint. We're having a test."
by Bugaboo June 14, 2006
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a. Survival of the fittest.

b. Living Hell

Nerd's view: If you are a child, high school is described as heaven by your parents. If you are a parent in the future, you will get to have fun confusing your children with silly terms like "High school is better than Middle school." In reality, high school is middle school plus exams plus more homework (puts away finished math homework, nearly chokes on cafeteria lunch, and begins writing an essay while balancing a schedule of precariously positioned tests and quizzes in her/his head).

Popular Student's View: School is a, like, waste of time. I, like, hate school. Very boring (keeps texting to friend).

Teacher's View (while grading paper): Wrong. I wish there was more time for me to cram information into their heads. I should be paid more for this. Right. Wrong. Right. Should I quit? What should the next test be on? Should I reteach the subject before they fail the SATs? This is the worst coffee ever. Right. Wrong. (writes a lengthy commment then falls asleep, because it is 3 a.m.)
p.s. you have a better chance to pass that math class if you are a nerd and the teacher likes you. Socially, you will die.

p.p.s. You have a better chance to be a part of society if you are popular. You will die in terms of passing that math class, as social life is hard to maintain and takes up every second of your life.

p.p.p.s. You have a better chance to end up hiding under a desk while students hang from the ceiling by #2 pencils and make monkey noises. Or at least in your head. You will die of grading papers and attempting to satisfy your bosses with failed demonstrations of your students' learning powers.

p.p.p.p.s. You cannot escape high school.
by DeoxyriboNucleic Acid December 17, 2008
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For me, highschool sucked. The whole staff simply does not care about you; unless you have a nice rack. Pretty much every guy gets failed out sooner or later and can be seen as your local garage mechanic. I earned countless D's, which really fucked up my chances of getting into a university of any kind...even though i feel i am smarter than the average person. Your local highschool is filled with popular prepy girls, that always hide from there pain, immature football guys, which some are pretty kool, countless perverted mid-life crises teachers; and the best part, waking up at 5 a.m. for something you don't even believe in.
My whole high school life I was treated like sh*t by countless teachers and staff...in-which fuc*ed my transcripted up beyound repairable. Im going to be a community college for the rest of my sh*t life.
by Alex Wilson321321 July 09, 2006
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when someone wants to describe the worst possible thing they say it's like hell. i say it's like high school.
what's it like gettin your tongue pierced?

it's like a few hours in high school.
by creekdazed August 04, 2007
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