Snobby, High on themselves
Man, I tried to hook up with that chick - but she was acting all high post on me
by paul chua February 02, 2004
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To attempt to get rid of someone through the act of being disinterested, or to pretend to be better than someone else
Old-girl over there is tryin' to high-post.
by Cosmic Truckaz October 16, 2003
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when one gains a vertical hight advantage upon his peers and proceeds to pass gass while on that higher pedistal.thus gaining a "higher post" to rip ass from
D-fair pulled the high post when he stood on the chair. it was epic.
by akooz November 21, 2006
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As in basketball. A play where the defense is kept honest by using good ball-movement, especially around the outer areas of the court.
The Lakers have an awesome high-post offense.
by Cosmic Truckaz October 16, 2003
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The feeling you get after you've come down from your high.

This, in relation to marijuana, is usually a very mild happiness, and very rare. Mostly achieved once you've been very high, or just gotten high for the first time. It's usually accompanied by a very easy going sense of perception.
Man, it's been hours since I got high, but I'm still feeling really good.

Yeah, that's post high.
by roksar May 30, 2009
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Someone who immediately out of High School begins attempting to make up for their lack of former social standing. They commonly overcompensate by Buddy Whoring, and doing anything they can to hook up with previously unnatainable females.
Christopher, suffering from Post High School Complex, is 22 and has a particular interest in High School cheerleaders.
by 3 zero 3 November 25, 2011
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The potential for a larger than average amount of awesomeness. A person with Post High School Awesomeness(PHSA) will have a higher sense of self esteem, be the life of the party, and give zero fucks about what people think about them after the hell that is considered high school. It is most commonly found in people that were considered outcasts in high school. Symptoms of PSHA start to appear between high school graduation and the second year of college(If Applicable).
Guy 1: Why does Tim always sit in the corner like that? I swear there's something wrong with that kid.

Guy 2: That's him now.. once we're out of here, he's gonna be pulling more pussy than a lonely old woman.

Guy 1: Really? I'm calling bullshit on that one.

Guy 2: Yea, he's definitely going to have Post High School Awesomeness.
by dflash February 27, 2012
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