Netasha's stupid af way of saying "hid"
When Tasha's mum hided her makeup, she was sad.
by Riyaadh.H99 April 21, 2017
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To hide in a childish mannor
"i hided his teddy bear and he will soon die of not sleeping!Muahahahah!!!!"
by Alexis Vances January 25, 2008
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X Japan's guitarist and then vocalist and guitarist for his solo project 'hide with Spread Beaver' and the American based band Zilch.

Famous for his pink hair, which earned him the nickname 'Pink Spider'.

Commited suicide May 2nd, 1998, leaving thousands of fans, a few of which attempted suicide too.

His name is alway lowercased.
Look at the hide plushie!
hide was an awesome guitarist.
by kiiro November 16, 2003
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One cool pink-haired dude who died in 1998.
"I miss hide, he was so awesome"
"Yeah me too. I think I'll dye my hair pink"
by neko June 14, 2003
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pink haired god of rock. lowercase h, bitches. drink or die.
"On geetah-- hide!" "Oh my fucking hide!"
by pinkusupaida December 28, 2004
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hide was a brilliant musician, full of talent, who shocked all of the world with his tragic suicide on May the second, 1998, at 8:30 PM. He came home drunk and had hung himself on his bathroom door with a towel. He's known for working with X Japan and Spread Beaver, and always had flaming pink hair which earned him the nickname "Pink Spider", which was the name of one of his most well-known songs. It's a rumour that this song was a suicide note in disquise. His name is always in lower case letters
1: I dearly miss hide.
2: Long live the Pink Spider!
by riri-chan October 16, 2005
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