He's big in banking. About as big as they get. We're talking HiSo all the way to the top of the pyramid. -- Bangkok Haunts
by thundt September 21, 2009
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A person that think he/she is "high" or "above" society but is actually an idiot with an IQ of a snail but love to show his/her flashy thing in public to gain attention but in reality no one cares about their flashy things.
Observer: Hey man look at that person new Mercedes Benz. He/she is such a "Hiso". They act so privileged.

Everyone else: Naw he/she is an idiot that don't know how to do anything in life and just using his/her parents money to buy that car.
by CommanderButtfuck September 12, 2021
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The miserable feeling that comes after a weekend getaway or period of time where lavish spending and fancy western living is the norm for said period of time which makes you question your entire existence and every choice you’ve ever made. While similar in feeling to the Alcohol induced hangover, the HiSo Hangover is caused by a rapid increase in living standards and quality of life for a short period of time. The term is mainly used by PC folk who gather for a weekend and live as if they were back in the US and then have to travel back to their respective sites to wallow in isolation, overwhelmingness, and general confusion about everything going on around them.
dude, that hotel with wifi, western toilets, and air-conditioning might be been too nice this weekend, i just got back and I’ve got a traumatic HiSo Hangover setting in.

Mikes HiSo Hangover was soo bad last month he got angry and pissed everyone in the village off, they still wont let him near the kids.
by Hands Across America June 2, 2015
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