2 definitions by CommanderButtfuck

A person that think he/she is "high" or "above" society but is actually an idiot with an IQ of a snail but love to show his/her flashy thing in public to gain attention but in reality no one cares about their flashy things.
Observer: Hey man look at that person new Mercedes Benz. He/she is such a "Hiso". They act so privileged.

Everyone else: Naw he/she is an idiot that don't know how to do anything in life and just using his/her parents money to buy that car.
by CommanderButtfuck September 11, 2021
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The faggot who keeps taking pictures of him/herself flexing at home or gym.
You post pics on any social network of yourself flexing? You're a fag Mr. Gym.
by CommanderButtfuck August 18, 2014
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