Hi Sisters is make-up artists' James Charles YouTube intro and catch phrase. He calls everyone sister and his fans are referred to as the Sisterhood.
Hi Sisters, James Charles here and welcome BACK to my YouTube channel
by SisterRoss April 8, 2018
The language of James Charles. other known words that James Charles have been known to say are Hi Sisters
and vitamin gummies
Bear Grylls: "and here we have a wild James Charles in its natural habitat, a morphe store.
James Charles: "Hi sisters Womp Womp Womp
by and i scoopp June 20, 2020
The first thing that the queen: James Charles says when he makes a YouTube video.
James Charles: Hi, sisters, James Charles here and welcome back to my YouTube channel!
by AChewingLlama December 9, 2018
A horrible phrase that many horrible people use to greet others in a delightful way.
When she said HI SISTERS to me even though I am not her sister i had to unfriend her.
by Omgomgomg31323212 May 31, 2019