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She is a beautiful,smart,strong and very kind girl.She will instantly become your friend once you get to know her.She has this fun nature like if your around her you will always have a great and memorable time.She is so kind and will always be there for you.But DO NOT TRY HER AND WHAT I MEAN IS DONT GET ON HER BAD SIDE.Although Niyema is sweet she is not afraid to stand up for herself (or if worse roast you sooo bad you might break a tear).But Overall at the end of the day if you have a girl like Niyema in your life please love and cherish her.
“Omg your so nice what’s your name
by glassesgirl101 November 16, 2018
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To be honest all there is on MTV is reality shows and the only good show on there was Daria “sigh”
“It was called MTV because at the time it was created it standed for music television but now all there is on there is reality shows and rarely any music on” 😔 “sigh”
by glassesgirl101 November 23, 2018
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