when you happen to have your live image broadcast on television, this is what you should say. equivalent to "big ups to mom!"
I'm on tee vee! HI MOM!
by Anonymous December 7, 2001
Something I never get to say.
Me:”Hi Mom!”
by tatertot69 October 24, 2019
You take a girls phone and shove up her twat. Then you call her mom and tell her to call yo girl for an emergency. As the phone vibrates in her pussy you must try to unlock the phone with your dick. Repeat until successful.
I'm horny, let me give "the hi mom" bitch.
by Nate the Bait June 12, 2016
There is this kid name Corbin he fucks his mom. They moved to a different house for more room to spread out. They are the absolute definition of what insects is.
Hey did you know Corbin fuck his mom
by Gustafson tx December 5, 2019
Worthless losers that live with their mother despite already growing up.
He should stop living in his mom basement while watching hardcore porn and smoking drugs while fapping all day.
by Xbdicn March 27, 2016
One terrific band, that goes unnoticed. Everyone should have a chance to hear this "melt in your mouth" chocolate of music. (Clann Zu is also a great band) Listen to this band and have much fun enjoying the taste.
Holy crap, this music just made me pee in my pants. -Jesus
by Micah July 21, 2004