Gaining popularity as the new sexuality for some genderqueer/androgyne people. Hetermosexual is the attraction to the same sex for both genders. Since genderqueers define themselves as both genders; hetermosexual means the attraction is to the same sex no matter what gender.
If a genderqueer is biologically male, but is only attracted to other men; they would be hetermosexual. Meaning when they feel feminine; the attraction to men stays, and when they are masculine; the attraction to men stays. (It's the same for females as well, obviously)
by Evan N April 29, 2006
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a staunch heterosexual percieved to be homosexual by gays and straights alike. A heterosexual couple clearly made up of two clueless homosexuals.
Sheila and Craig are engaged?? They both seem so gay. Silly hetermosexuals.
by James Damian Vickers January 28, 2004
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A person that will swtich between their sexuality each day. One day, they will like boys and dislike girls. And then the next day..they will like girls and dislike boys
Curtis:..Ew look at Emmie over there. God I hate girls..

Next day..

Curtis: Daaamnn Emmie is smokin hot!

Curtis:Oo! Darden is stunning as well.

Next Day....

Curtis: I hate emmie...Darden is hot..Am I okay? God im such a hetermosexual
by Deku.Babi September 30, 2020
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