The most beautiful girl you could ever hope to meet. She's caring, unique, and funny. She doesn't always believe in herself and needs a little help sometimes.
by whats my purpose June 7, 2014
the most amazing girl one has ever met,
one who is extremely smart, unique, creative, athletic, and beautiful in her own non-conformist ways; one who will care no matter what...
(and has as many boys as one will ever need and doesn't need to obsess over others that don't know one)
"Dude i met this girl, she's definitely an Emmie"
by cuhhhriss May 4, 2008
An Emmi is an absolutely perfect person, who you can fall deeply in love with. An Emmi is the type of girl you want to constantly be around, because of how fun they are to be around, and because of how happy they make you. They're the kind of person you just want to walk up and hug, and never let go. Emmi's are usually short(ish), absolutely gorgeous and hilarious, athletic, energetic at times and extremely sincere at others, and loyal. Emmi's will never abandon you for someone else, and they'll always be a joy to be around. An Emmi is perfect, in every way.
(Me): "Did you see Emmi today?"
(Friend): "Yeah I heard all about her, running around like she was a chicken!"
(Me): "Yeah, she's amazing..."
by Mayor Mator March 28, 2019
Emmy well shes that bitch.! She can eat a lot but is still a skinny legend. She has more friends then you can count. Many are jealous of how tall she is. But she doesn’t care because she loves attention!! She tend to be very modest even tho she can pull off anything she wants to! She’s funny and a great person, you would be lucky to have an Emmy, Emmys not all nice tho she has a mean side. She’s really good at drop 🦵🏿 people into the ground. All the guys want her she has bootiful freckles and brown hair that always smells good. And best of all she always know the best snacks...💋💋
Kyle: I wish I had an Emmy!

Grayson: naw man she mine forever
by Yeye04 April 30, 2019
A word used to define a cute girl. Often short, funny, and lovable, that will make you fall in love.
"I think I'm falling in love with my girl."
"Aww, I'm glad you finally found yourself an Emmi!"
by brandnew874 July 1, 2009
Emmy is a very nice girl. She has self respect. Has brown eyes, dark brown hair, and a big o'booty. She's funny. She's very loyal to all her friends especially to her boyfriend. She's the type of girl you wouldn't want to mess with. Emmy can kill a bitch for the ones she loves. She's chill to talk to and has a great sense of humor. Her boyfriend is lucky to have her in his life. She is athletic. She's crazy, optimistic and gorgeous.
That girl has a big o'emmy.
by Big booty Bisho December 27, 2013