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A Rare disease where your penis becomes plastic.You can get this by many ways, but the most common is sex with another man. It starts off as a common cold but can also start off with a severe pain in the genital region. As it progresses you notice you that you cant feel your penis anymore. Then after two to three weeks, your penis falls off. This disease has no cure so if you get it youre screwed.
Person 1: Hey man have you heard from Koontz yet. I heard he has a cold.
Person 2: Dude are you retarded its not a cold its the hermins.
Person 1: WHAT!!! The Hermins!!! You cant be serious.
Person 2: Yeah thank God he does. Now he will shut up about how big his penis is.
Person 1: Oh I guess your right. Thank God for the hermins.
by XxYandaxX March 6, 2011
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Hermine is a swag person, everyone wants to be like Hermine.
She is pretty awesome, and actually really smart.
Hermine will know the answer to every question you have about anything.
If you have a Hermine in your life, you are one hell of a lucky person.
Person 1: shit man im so lucky
Person 2: why man, what happened??
Person 1: I met a Hermine yesterday
by Tore Ass October 9, 2018
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Hermine is a sweet, candy loving little bun. She is not the tallest person you’ll ever meet, but she has a big personality and attitude. She has a cute laugh and likes sports like golf and marathons.. on Netflix of course.
aaah bolla mi!

Hermine you are so cute i love you!
by Bolla di elsker deg October 10, 2018
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A term used when a person attempts to contact another person by a 3 pronged attack of email, phone and text message simultaneously.
by Sasha Guindi May 21, 2008
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Hermine is so cool, she always gets 8's in school and she's awesome.

She's also super strong and muscle man.

EVERYONE loves Hermine.
Person 1: "Hey she looks super strong"
Person 2: "Yeah she must be a Hermine".
Person 1: "Oh yeah obviously."
by HermineIsCool November 7, 2019
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A powerful individual who sings and whistles on a daily basis. Derived from the word Terminator. He generally has an assistant who whistles and sings with him and they do a duet to the song Barbra Ann.
When the Herminator walks in to a room everyone is to stop what they doing and say The Herminator in a deep voice.
I am The Herminator
by The Assistant1 October 18, 2013
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It is a cross between a hermit and hibernation: This act tends to occur in the winter, usually in areas outside of cities and town centers. People who herminate can also be known as antisocial, or just plain weird.
My neighbor is herminating.
Q: Where’s Dave? A: He’s herminateing.
This winter I’ll probably just herminate.
by Chuck J. B. March 23, 2008
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