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A Rare disease where your penis becomes plastic.You can get this by many ways, but the most common is sex with another man. It starts off as a common cold but can also start off with a severe pain in the genital region. As it progresses you notice you that you cant feel your penis anymore. Then after two to three weeks, your penis falls off. This disease has no cure so if you get it youre screwed.
Person 1: Hey man have you heard from Koontz yet. I heard he has a cold.
Person 2: Dude are you retarded its not a cold its the hermins.
Person 1: WHAT!!! The Hermins!!! You cant be serious.
Person 2: Yeah thank God he does. Now he will shut up about how big his penis is.
Person 1: Oh I guess your right. Thank God for the hermins.
by XxYandaxX March 06, 2011
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